Get to know 9 meals from our menu -

Get to know 9 meals from our menu

See some of the exceptional meals you can find in our menu.


If you have ever visited Spain, this is a specialty you were offered with each meal. David’s variation is from Catalonia, where he also comes from. It is a dry roasted homemade focaccia with tomato pulp and you are offered excellent olives as a side dish. Crustino, our bakery, bakes customized pastry for Primi.


“Original Andalusian gazpacho – a cold tomato soup. It is served with crispy jamón serrano – a type of Spanish ham. This is a specific meal that people have certainly tried on holidays in the Mediterranean and we want them to recall the feeling,” David explains.


According to the recipe of David’s mum – with prawns and calamari. “Authentic Catalan paella had to be on menu everywhere I worked. It is my signature,” David explains.


This is prepared according to the recipe of David’s grandma. “Strong meat broth, white beans, chorizo… I saw my grandma cooking it all my life. I was happy while eating it all the time.” David tried to obtain the same feeling of family atmosphere and conform to your plate.


Fried baby calamari with lime mayonnaise. “They are young calamari and that is why they are slightly sweetish. I believe this will be a hit.” This typically Mediterranean ingredient isn’t commonplace in our country, so come and try it.


“This is a great speciality – we cook the meat for a really long time. It is cooked sous-vide for 48 hours to make it completely soft. All the other recipes are cooked fast, and if something takes so long, it should be worth it. All juice is maintained in the meat, which is the most important thing for burgers.” You add pancetta mayonnaise, grilled vegetables and French fries, and you’re in for some gluttony.


Ibérico is a Spanish breed of pigs – they are fed with acorn all their lives giving their meat beautiful marbling. Cheeks come from piglets fed only with breast milk and thus are super soft. You can enjoy them with prosciutto and saffron risotto.


Pizza was changed the least, but each of them is improved by new fresh Mozzarella. “People love our pizza so we wanted to make it even better.”

Salmone affumicato is a new pizza, with a cream base with smoked salmon, fresh Mozzarella, chives, capers and dried tomatoes.


Spanish cousin of Crème brûlée. It is not made of cream but from milk. It contains more cinnamon and citrus. And Spaniards love it. 🙂

There is plenty of new recipes and they come from all parts of the Mediterranean. We were not able to fit them all into the article but we believe you will discover them one by one.