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We get to know you every day, here you can get to know us.

Primi Classics menu

We took the most popular dishes and put them on a permanent menu. Enjoy popular and proven classics whenever you want. STARTERS Roasted tuscan bread with parmesan cheese, ricotta, mozarella and sour cream. Pizza sticks with cheese dip and chives SOUP Tomato soup with basil oil and parmesan cheese. SALAD Ceasar salad with romaine and…

We have new terraces

Our new terraces will take you to our beloved Mediterranean.  Take a deep breath here at the river bank and enjoy the view, greenery and pleasant breeze in the shade. You choose whether you feel better under the trees closer to the water or or on the elevated stage with a view.

Get to know 9 meals from our menu

See some of the exceptional meals you can find in our menu. PAN CON TOMATE If you have ever visited Spain, this is a specialty you were offered with each meal. David’s variation is from Catalonia, where he also comes from. It is a dry roasted homemade focaccia with tomato pulp and you are offered…

Our brand new menu

Our new menu is exceptional. Two talented chefs – Spanish David Díaz and Italian Fiorenzo Ricci created it in cooperation. We introduce a fusion of the best of the Mediterranean cuisine – Italian, Greek, Spanish, French, Turkish – Mediterranean regional recipes. Authentic, original recipes as cooked at home. David Díaz comes from Catalonia and cooked at Michelin…