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Our brand new menu

Our new menu is exceptional. Two talented chefs – Spanish David Díaz and Italian Fiorenzo Ricci created it in cooperation. We introduce a fusion of the best of the Mediterranean cuisine – Italian, Greek, Spanish, French, Turkish – Mediterranean regional recipes. Authentic, original recipes as cooked at home.

David Díaz comes from Catalonia and cooked at Michelin restaurants in Barcelona and Prague. “There was always a beautiful smell in our kitchen at home. We had paella every Thursday – it had to be every week. The traditional valenciana with meat was my favourite one. When my mother cooked it I was happy.”

Fiorenzo Ricci comes from northern Italy and as a genuine Italian he loves food and speaks about it eloquently.

“When I cook a meal I try to recall the memories when I was eating the meal for the first time. Its taste, the smell… The smell is absolutely the first sense we have while eating. It helps you to remember.“

Good menu is about experience and starts with a high quality product. That is why our new menu is short and contains less meals. Everything we prepare is fresh. Our recipes are based on regional products directly from Spain and Italy – high quality salami, ham or cheese.

We make our pasta and bake fresh pastry customized to fit our new menu every day.

The Mediterranean means freshness and simplicity, and that is precisely where its beauty lies.

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